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SLOMO  RT: 17 Minutes

How has John Kitchin found a way to connect physically to the center of the world and spiritually to the divine? By rollerblading. Sounds crazy, but before you write Kitchin off as certifiable, you should consider that his actual certifications are in neurology and psychiatry. If you’re someone who questions the sanity of daily life on the success treadmill, this film may push you to do what you want — and reap the rich psychic rewards that come with rolling through life.  

TIm Kemple_Mexico_Kayaking

Cascada  RT: 8 Minutes

When a crew of filmmakers and kayakers head to the Mexican jungle to hunt big waterfalls, they find a place of unrelenting rain, heinous insects, thick mud, scary viruses and utter perfection. Cascada, another gorgeous short film by Forge Motion Pictures, follows the crew as they explore a world beyond expectations, where biting flies, tangled vines and shoddy hotel rooms can’t detract from the unrivaled waterfalls and powerful rapids they discover.

split of a second

Split of a Second   RT: 9 Minutes

Prepare for a mix of goose bumps and nausea as finely calculated risk meets pure insanity. Split of a Second gets inside the thoughts and motives of wingsuit world champion Espen Fadnes.


Lacon de Catalonia  RT: 5 Minutes

If your backyard mountain bike jumps require a five-story drop-in ramp for speed, chances are your name is Andreu Lacondeguy. The Antimedia film crew takes us to Lacondeguy’s training compound in the suburbs of Barcelona, Spain, for a day in the life of one of the best riders in the world.

paradise found

Paradise Found   RT: 15 Minutes

Tim Laman and Edwin Scholes have spent nearly a decade documenting the 39 species of birds of paradise that live in Papua New Guinea. The birds — which are both gorgeous and silly — prove to be elusive prey for the cameras of Laman and Scholes, but, as usual, the adventure is as much about the journey as it is the destination.


chasing ice

Chasing Ice  RT: 74 Minutes

In 2005, photographer James Balog set out on an audacious quest: to document the disappearance of glaciers by setting up time-lapse cameras around the world.  With temperatures on the rise, his plan worked well as the cameras of his Extreme Ice Survey captured some of the biggest calving incidents ever.  But award winning Chasing Ice isn’t just about the glaciers, it also shows an artist at work.  Balog, who has been coming to Mountainfilm for more than a decade, wrestles with a bad knee, faulty equipment and the existential question of how the collapse of glaciers is a harbinger of our own uncertain future. Click here for trailer.

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